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Kudo box to learn feedback

Throughout my agile coaching career, I have used kudo box in many different ways. One of the most recent ones was at a client in the telecommunication industry. My role as an agile coach there is mostly mentoring scrum masters. Occasionally I also facilitate workshops and hold trainings for these teams. While some teams are distributed […]

Agile and Remote Work are meant to be together

I started this blog because I believe agile and remote work are meant to co-exist in peace. Honestly at first, it surprised me to hear so many agile coaches advocate against remote work. Soon I understood where that mindset came from. I started Remote Forever to equip agile coaches, developers and change makers to understand the […]

Remote work in agile?

Every action needs a why. So I thought I’d dedicate this post to explaining the why for Remote Forever. More than 80% of the people hate their job and of the remaining 20%, more than half only tolerate theirs. I feel lucky to be amongst the few who love their job. My ambition is to […]