Remote Forever helps your business unlock its potential by bringing remote work to your agile ways of working.

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We treat every client with a unique approach and fresh perspective.

In this video you can watch Molood talk on Agile Bondesee 2018 about remote work in agile. Enjoy the talk and come back here.

We can help you with your digital transformation by acknowledging your unique challenges with your geographical distribution. We help you through strategy, education, tech, design thinking and good old leadership and agile coaching.

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    I booked Molood for 1-1 coaching to get some help as I am stepping into a new role as Scrum Master. My first session with Molood was really great. I had no defined agenda and I wasn’t sure what it would be like. However, we talked about everything that I had been thinking of and she had a really good approach to offering suggestions and helping me find the right approach to different difficulties. We will be talking again soon.  
    Kristian Gustafsson
    Cybercom Senior Developer and Scrum Master (Sweden)
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    Just wow! I'm still under the impression of the Scrum for Distributed Teams workshop we had with Molood last week. It helped me realize what sort of problems we are facing in our distributed team when trying to make the most of Scrum. Molood inspired me to personally take initiative in making things better.
    Marko Lukic
    Software Engineer at High Tech Engineering Center (Serbia)
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    Molood had a re-introduction of agile workshop at Quinyx for one of our distributed teams. It was highly appreciated and I had only positive feedback from the participants both on content and on her as a presenter.
    Björn Wahlberg
    Quinyx CTO (Sweden)